Church History

A little band of Lutherans who moved here from St. John's Church in Wythe County around the 1850s organized a Sunday School in the Orchard Cabin School that James Hutzel, a Methodist, had built.

In 1855, a frame schoolhouse was built in the center of what is now Gladesboro Cemetery.  It was built jointly by Methodist and Lutherans to be used as a church and a school, the original name being Mt. Olivet.  The Methodists soon all died out, moved away or joined the Lutherans, and the building passed completely into the hands of the Lutheran congregation at Gladesboro.

Reverend J. D. Repass organized the little band of Lutherans still worshipping in the schoolhouse on December 25, 1855.  Ten charter members signed the original resolution.

In 1891, a new church was completed and the name was changed to Gladesboro Evangelical Lutheran Church.

In May of 1929, a tornado completely demolished the church building.  The congregation was undaunted and, on August 30, 1931, a new church building was built and dedicated.  Since that time, the church has had many additions and has been encased in brick, but the spirit of her congregation remains the same.

Because of our forefathers' strong faith in God and their stewardship, we are able to continue worshipping here today.  May we continue to have the same faith and be good stewards so that our church may grow and prosper for future generations to come.